Charlotte Miller

Charlotte Miller – The Beloved

“I’m sorry. I really would rather not discuss my family. Let’s talk about something else. Have you read ‘The Heart of Darkness’ for class yet? I just — at once I love and I hate the ambiguity, which I know is rather what it’s going for, but — it just makes sense to me, you know. Nothing is clear cut. The horror could be anything. The darkness obscures everything. N-no, I’m not being emo! I’m trying to talk about our homework!”

Charlotte miller


A tall, thin, pale girl who looks as if she’s wasting away. Her eyes are a bit too far apart, and her irises are such a light blue as to almost be white. Thick blue veins stand out against the whiteness of her skin.

Known Information

  • Freshman at UNC – Asheville
  • Started college a year late due to hemophilia complications
  • Dean’s List student


  • “One of the ladies who cleans the Miller house said that Charlotte — you know, the only teenage Miller — she says that Charlotte had to miss a year of school not because of an accident complicated by her disease — wait, dude, you didn’t know Charlotte was diseased? Yeah, man, her blood can’t clot or something — but because of an accident manufactured by the rest of her family to punish her for something.”


  • Q: I had my doubts at first, but she’s a good egg. She’ll lay her life on the line for a good cause. For the innocent. That’s something I can get behind.
  • Obfirmo: A white flower surrounded by a sea of thorny, poisonous, black roses. Hopefully, we’ll be able to nurture her and save an empty shell from an unfortunate end.
  • Mjolnir: I’m glad she’s making it easy on us, but I vote we kill her asshole family instead of her. I bet we could fix her bleeding with magic.

Charlotte Miller

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