Cassie Wilkeshire

Cassie Wilkeshire – The Child

“I hadda dream where I was flying and I went to Nana’s window. It was scary ‘cause Nana was lying on the floor with a big hole in her chest an’ instead of hands I had bird claws and I got really scared cause I didn’t want bird claws. I don’t like birds. My Mawmaw has lots of bird statues an’ I don’t like going to her house ‘cause I don’t like birds ‘cause they’re mean. Is that popcorn? Can I have some?”

Cassie wilkshire


Cassie’s a scrawny little blonde girl often found wearing clothes about twice her size. She seems to have a near-constant cold and/or allergies, as she’s always sniffling and needing to blow her nose, and any time she gets over excited and fidgety, she starts wheezing.

Known Information

  • Often is found in the quad of UNC – Asheville where her mother leaves her while going to class. Her mother keeps a protective watch from within the classroom and always makes Cassie stay where she can watch from the window.
  • Adores stories.


  • “That little girl has suffered a lot, man. First, right after her mom gets pregnant with her, like, Meg—that’s her mom—walks in on her husband completely slaughtered and has to handle that. Then she moves to Asheville to live with her mom — or the little girl’s grandma — and their house burns down. Shit, that kid’s been in the hospital and has constant asthma. I wouldn’t be surprised if she like, grows up to be a serial killer or something. I would.”


  • Q: I don’t know how I’m going to save you. I don’t care. “How” doesn’t matter, and neither does “why.” That’s what these other fools don’t understand. But you get that, don’t you, little lady? You know that it’s what we do that makes a difference. And I’m going to fix you. Cross my heart and hope to die, pinky swear, I promise.

Cassie Wilkeshire

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