Prince Amon

Prince Amon – The Guitarist

“Your lives are open wide / the v-chip gives them sight / all the life running through her hair. / The spiders all in tune / the evening of the moon / dreams are made running through my head.”

Prince a mon


A boy of a man with modern day good looks: immaculately kept blonde hair, skinny shoulders, slight muscle, and a charming smile.

Known Information

  • Prince Amon is a stage name, though he has never once mentioned his true name.
  • Just showed up around Asheville all of a week ago and started playing at local bars and on street corners, most particularly Wall Street outside the Laughing Seed.
  • Modern day guitar-playing genius.


  • “I saw Prince Amon going home with some Zoe Sawyer chick the other day. What a lucky bitch! He’s going to get a record deal soon, though, so then she’ll be left out in the cold.”


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Prince Amon

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