Pirouette – The Dancer

“Sit up straight. Chin back, shoulders straight but relaxed. Now breath. In through your nose, out through your mouth.”



From afar, Pirouette doesn’t look like much — she’s thin, flat as a board. Up close, however, her legs especially happen to be thick with ropey muscle.

Known Information

  • Path: Thyrsus
  • Order: Adamantine Arrow


  • “Did you know that Mlle Keaton was once one of the starring dancers in the New York City Ballet? Yes! My mother said that is what Alaina’s mother said. And you know, she does dance so well, and she seems so diffident and sad, I wonder if it can’t be true.”
  • “Oh man, she’s a complete nazi. I swear to god if I plie one more time…”


  • Mjolnir: She’s the best coach I’ve ever had. I mean, she pushes me harder than anyone, can keep up, and it’s really making me better. And no, you can’t be whipped if they don’t put out.


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