Pandora – The Researcher

“If you want top quality information about the Abyss then I’m your girl! The problem, of course, being that to get this top quality information I research the Abyss which is why I’m in this godforsaken place and since I’m constantly researching I really don’t have time to give you that top quality information so frankly you’ll just have to deal with waiting or doing the research yourself. But hey, I can give you a kick in the right direction!”



Constantly busy and in a hurry, Pandora doesn’t much pay attention to the mundane world around her. She’s always dressed for business—hair pulled out of her face, clothes immaculate.

Known Information

  • Path: Obrimos
  • Order: Mysterium


  • “Hey, you know that…crazy bitch? Um, the one who always seems to be dashing around carrying something. Wait—you know, the one who told you to GET OFF THE FUCKING ELEVATOR ALREADY the other day while she was trying to go up? Yeah! That one. So — do you think she’s white or what? I swear to god, I can’t tell where she’s from.”
  • “I heard rumors that the reason she’s always in a hurry and never in public much is that she’s actually wanted by the police and doesn’t want them to see her face and recognize her. Man, I kind of hope that’s true, because crazy bitches on the run from the law are the best in bed, right dudes?”


  • Q: You want my honest opinion? My really honest opinion? About Pandora? Hey, look, a shiny thing. Sorry, what were you saying?
  • Obfirmo: I like her. She comes off flighty at times, but she legitimately knows her stuff. Could easily be your strongest ally or one of your worst enemies. I will be venturing towards the side of friendship.
  • Mjolnir: She’s not going to like you, Mel. Not everyone likes someone just like them.


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