Carbene – The Chemist

“Didn’t you just have your twentieth birthday the other day? Huh, you know, twenty-one is the legal drinking age…Wait, wait, I’m not saying I won’t make you a mixer, but I am saying I will ensure it’s non-alcoholic.”


A broad-shouldered, not unattractive man with a bit of scruff and an easy smile. He tends to be well-dressed, albeit looking a bit distracted.

Known Information

  • Path: Thyrsus
  • Order: Free Council


  • “I hear that Trevor bartender guy at the Olive or Twist is gay. Except he’s always hitting on the chicks. Is he in denial or what?”
  • “Y’know, I once asked around about Trevor, and apparently — even though he’s working bartending now, he used to be some sort of amazing kid scientist or something. Like, winning awards right and left for his views on harnessing solar energy and shit. And then he just…dropped out, disappeared. What the fuck, right?”


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Domination of Black maquila