Domination of Black

Plague of Locusts (Jeremy) Pt 2

Brief cracks of light between long darknesses.

Jeremy Power was sitting in the UNCA library working on his group’s powerpoint and report for Thursday. For some reason, all the pictures except for the one of the little boy’s room were “normal,” or looked like a nice lived in house, while the little boy’s room still looked layered over. This disturbed Jeremy, but he put the picture away and didn’t look at it anymore. It was about this time that he heard some chaos coming from the front area of the library — a woman begging for a first aid kit for her daughter, and a little girl crouched behind her.

Jeremy rushed over to find that Cassie Wilkeshire was there, her jacket torn and her arm bleeding. He immediately crouched next to her, ignoring all the adults, to crouch and talk to her, rip the sleeve of his shirt to start wrapping her arm up. As her mom, Meg, panicked, Cassie reminded her mom that Elmer (From My Father’s Dragon) was brave and she should be too.

Meg asked the Librarian to call a taxi. Jeremy snapped at the librarian that she should have already called a goddamn taxi or an ambulance rather than just standing there. The librarian rolled her eyes and made the phone call; Meg went to wait on the taxi while Cassie hovered with Jeremy. She told him how she once got bitten by a turtle, and how one time she got scratched by a cat.

They all loaded into the taxi when it showed up and started driving along, but about 3/4s of the way to their destination, there was a sudden explosion as the engine quite literally blew up in the car. Jeremy in a panic dove out of the car and pulled Cassie with him, and Cassie went with him. When he realized it was just the engine, he lifted Cassie to his shoulders, nodded to Meg, and the three of them walked to the hospital.

Once there, Jeremy gave Cassie’s mom forty dollars to take Cassie to see The Muppets and buy her a cupcake and to help pay for the visit, since the two didn’t have any insurance. He then went back to the library and found none of his stuff had been taken (because no one cares about 1950s architecture). As he sat down to keep working, he started getting odd messages and emails, with subjects such as THE GHOST BOY and THE GIRL. He read some, got disturbed and angry, and quickly left the library.



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