Domination of Black

Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me (Chance) Pt 2

Just like what happens to us.

Chance Spires was heading from his classes begrudgingly to a frat party being held to perk up the baseball players after the death of their pitcher, Trevor Hemsworth. He got to the party and headed inside. He grabbed a beer, and was immediately accosted by McKayla. McKayla started chattering to him — she told him about how she’d totally be there for him and no she wasn’t still dating Randall he said they were taking a break and then like totally cheated no her and ohmygawd could Chance believe what a jerk Randall was and ohmygawd!!!

While Chance was considering taking McKayla upstairs to sleep with her and get her off his case, he heard a scream from outside. He shoved past McKayla and ran outside where — over the music pounding from his frat house, he heard another scream. He ran across the street to Sigma Nu’s frat house and in to the backyard, where he found a chubby girl struggling with a frat guy from Sigma Nu, who had blood leaking out of his mouth. The girl was being strangled.

Chance ran forward and yanked the guy off of the girl, and told her to run. The other frat guy—Jeff—turned on Chance and started trying to strangle him, and it was then that Chance saw a worm in the guy’s mouth. Chance got a good punch in on the guy before Jeff managed to grab hold of Chance and start strangling him.

Chance was struggling to get Jeff off of him when Jeff was hit with a heavy backpack—apparently the girl hadn’t run off. Chance managed to punch Jeff in the face, and the combined assault between Chance and the girl caused the guy to fall to the ground, writhing and spazming. The girl freaked out as Jeff started vomiting up bloody teeth worms, saying: “Oh MAN he’s vomiting up MONGOLIAN DEATH WORMS I THOUGHT THEY WERE FAKE!” and then, after Chance ordered her too, began dialing 911.

After the EMTs arrived, the girl — Melody Jackson — was about to head off, when Chance grabbed her and begged her to help him. She cheerfully pointed out that Chance had gotten a MDW on his cheek and likely was infected, but she’d be happy to help him. She gave him some information he hadn’t had before, as well as a way to keep the worms sedate for longer, and then left to go her own way.



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