Domination of Black

Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me (Chance) Pt 1

Just like what happens to us.

Chance Spires’ Short Intro Post

Chance made his way across campus to the gym. Too early in the season for actual practice (well, if his team didn’t want to get disqualified), the team was doing some conditioning training. Chance wandered in to the locker room to change, where he ran into Garth, the right fielder, and Trevor, pitcher. Trevor, normally a sarcastic energetic guy, had his head between his legs and looked pale. Chance asked him what was up — Trevor just mentioned his stomach had hurt and he’d been nauseous in the morning. Chance suggested he go home instead of practice, but Trevor refused.

Chance went in to the gym where they were doing some free-lifting. He sat and chatted with Garth, discussing the freshmen who were also conditioning. They decided which freshmen were going to last and which weren’t, got grumpy with Trevor being around and likely getting the whole team sick, and training in general. Slowly but surely other teammates trickled in until the whole baseball team (or close to whole) was exercising.

Coach Amir Jones showed up late and chatted with the players. He was watching Chance a little bit and arguing with the freshmen. Chance noticed that Trevor had something poking at the corner of his mouth—when suddenly Trevor pitched sideways, slamming in to the ground. Blood bubbled and then ran out of the corner of his mouth, and a moment later a fat bloody worm wiggled its way out of Trevor’s lip.

Chance yanked the worm out violently and kept hurrying to rip the worms out — as he pulled on the first and more became visible. Then, instructed by Coach to do so, Chance just hurried and started performing CPR on his teammate while others ran off to call 911. As he pumped on Trevor’s chest, Chance managed to cause Trevor to suddenly vomit up a fist sized ball of worms, all knotted together, and all thick and congealed with blood. The ambulance soon arrived to take Trevor away, and Coach called the rest of practice off.

Chance sneaked back in to the room afterward to stomp on all the worms, and got his water container and carefully got one worm into the container. He tightened the top and then hurried to the doctor where he was told he was healthy. He hung with some teammates that night and fell asleep. When he woke up the next morning, he felt a bit dizzy, and his stomach was cramping.



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