Domination of Black

Exegesis and Summoning (Damion) Pt 1

Most of us are pawns.

Damion Toll’s Intro Post

Damion received an invite in his email to go and beta test a new MMORPG called Kingdom of Heresy. Doing some research on the game, he found that it had gotten perfect scores all around from various game critics who got in and several were calling it a WoW Killer. Doubting both of those facts, he decided, hey, it was Christmas break and he had nothing else to do, he’d check it out, so he went to the place where the beta was being put on.

He signed in with the grim-faced Shard employee (Shard being the company who designed the game) and took a seat at one of the computers, putting on his headphones, and starting his character design. He was endeared to the game immediately, and soon found himself drawn in to it.

It was about four hours in that he was entering a dark cave when he got a pop up to invite him to do the quest that would allow him to become an “elite” member, whatever that might be. He agreed, per the rules the Shard employee had given out, and found the cave suddenly altered. He saw shadows moving out of the corner of his eyes, and the ambient noises suddenly got a lot spookier. He heard the sound of a rat being gutted and ripped apart, and the sound of heavy wet breathing. He adjusted the brightness on his console and ahead of him saw … the shape of a large, shadowy black man, with gleaming shark fangs for a mouth.

He began fighting the monster with his character, but it felt odd, like he was really putting himself in to his character rather than just clicking some buttons. By the end of the fight, which he won, he felt emotionally and mentally drained. He had his character wait for a few minutes to heal, then continued forward to retrieve the Black Diamond. Inside the Diamond’s chamber, some shadow imps were dancing around: Pay the toll toll toll with your soul soul soul! they sang.

Damion picked up the Diamond, which caused a voice to cry out that he needed to collect some items—the diamond, a flask of blood, the flesh of an ally, and the Grimoire of Exogesis and Summoning. He immediately went to task collecting the flask of blood, which ended up being blood that could cure any disease, held in a temple; he stole it from the temple, and immediately everyone in it wasted away. He felt a tug at his soul as he did this, and felt…actually rather bad for hurting these NPCs, but that’s when the Shard employee called an end to the beta testing for the day, and Damion went home.

At home, he found all he could think about was the game. He was quaking so bad from wanting to play it again. “It’s just a game,” he chided himself. “It’s just a game.”



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