Zoe Sawyer

Zoe Sawyer – The Musician

“What? Britney? Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of suck.”


Zoe is a tall thin blonde thing sporting a grunge look, often dressed in black. Long hair, blue eyes, soft features, she probably would have been a bubbly sorority chick in another life.

Known Information

  • Music major
  • Often seen at the clubs, sometimes singing for a local band
  • Low tolerance for school-related causes


  • Probably a total slut
  • Got a record deal when they heard her voice, lost it when they saw her
  • “Uuuugh, that bitch is so creepy. Like, did you hear two of her friends died and she found their bodies. You know that makes her like, total prime suspect, right. She’s such a bitch, I bet she did kill them.”
  • “Ohmigawd did you hear about like, how Zoe is like totally dating Prince Amon? What a slut!”


  • Q: She puts up a snide front, but she’s not so bad. She genuinely cares about people. Maybe this place would be a little less bleak if there were more people we could say that about.
  • Obfirmo- Don’t know her too well yet, but she seems nice enough. What she lacks in instantaneous knowledge, she most likely makes up for in willingness to learn.
  • Mjolnir: Sometimes, I think she’s actually going to be awesome, then she looks at me like I’m an asshole. I mean, I am, but I didn’t say shit about her. It’s like I see her on permanent feminazi rage or something.

Zoe Sawyer

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