William Miller

William Miller – The Carpenter

“Hey there, b-b-buddy! N-nice to see you b-b-back in here! Y’know, l-last time you left with that p-paint, I realized, d-damnit Bill, you d-didn’t give him one of the fine c-cookies your wife made. I knew in my g-gut that you’d be in t-today, so I had Lily m-make you a pie. G-gooseberry. H-heard through the g-g-grapevine that’s your favorite.”

William miller


Bill is a short, stocky man. He stands maybe at 5’6", 5’7" if he’s wearing his biggest steel-toed boots. Unlike his brother, Andrew Miller he tends to always be smiling, showing off too-even, too-white teeth. His skin, too, however, is pale (albeit with an odd sheen to it), his hair also greased, however his attitude makes him seem a bit more approachable, albeit a bit overly saccharine.

Known Information

  • Runs Miller Construction Company, which has been a business in Asheville since the Miller’s first settled it in the 18th century
  • Stutters
  • Recently just had a baby girl with his wife, Lily


  • Charlotte Miller is truly his daughter, rather than Geoff Miller’s (may he rest in peace)


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William Miller

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