Victor – The Preacher

“Little by little we are gaining more influence from the devil, we are creeping closer to Satan. He walks among us, I am telling you this, and little by little we — no, you are losing it, the love of God — the love of Christ! I watched my family turn away from Him and turn to the devil, I watched my friends turn away from Him and turn to the devil, I have stood up here and watched some of you turn away from Him and turn to the devil, and every day I plead for you to turn back to God, and every day I cry in pain as another Lamb is lost!”



A shaggy haired, dirty, apparently homeless man who is the one downside of downtown Asheville. He’s constantly carrying a sign that says “SATAN IS HERE.” His clothes consist of ragged, dirty jeans, and a ragged dirty leather jacket.

Known Information

  • Shadow Name: Joshua
  • Path: Thyrsus
  • Order: GoV
  • Constantly being picked up for vagrancy, but no one can ever seem to fully get rid of him
  • Constantly performs what he calls “performance poetry” at cafes and pubs around the city
  • Always a bit dazed and glassy
  • Isn’t actually as crazy as he looks/acts, and Joshua is actually a lot more clean shaven. “Victor” as he is, doesn’t actually exist.


  • “That crazy homeless guy downtown? Oh yeah, man, he’s off his fucking rocker. Schizo or something. Heard he was in ‘Nam, and…y’know, things just didn’t go well then. Saw horrible things that BROKE him. Then he came home and avoided all the backlash against those soldiers by going into the seminary, until one day his church burnt to the ground, killing some of his parishioners.”


  • Q: He was there for me, in his own way. I don’t think he meant to be. Not really. Still, something about him just rubs me the wrong way. And I don’t mean the smell.
  • Obfirmo: Even though I met him outside of a burning building that I caused to explode, and he was really angry and upset, he’s a good guy at heart. He might seem to only care about himself, but he does his job well.


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