the hanging tree

The Hanging Tree

“And here all of you stand before the most haunted tree in all Asheville. [pause for laughter] Yeah, you normally don’t hear about haunted trees, do you? Well, as you can see, this tree is located just off of two of the main streets through Downtown Asheville, and has a prime spot right between two churches nestled here in this small cemetery. Back when the Civil War was going on, a few black slaves were lynched here, and after that, the tree gained a reputation for death. Some say if you take pictures of it now, odd distortions will show up in your photos…”

Hanging tree


A tall, mostly dead weeping willow. Most branches hang bare year long, while a few offer some scraggly hanging leaves. Standing ’neath it, a viewer is likely to feel a sense of vertigo, as if the tree is far taller than it should be.

Known Information

  • Last year, Melissa Abernathy was found hanging from its branches.
  • Located just a block away from both Haywood St and Patton Ave


  • Somewhere between five and ten slaves were lynched using the Hanging Tree.
  • One suicide about every ten years uses the hanging tree to…well, hang themselves.
  • During the great depression, a large influx of people killed themselves using the tree. Reported numbers are around 15 total.

the hanging tree

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