Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller – The Widow

“I heard what happened! I’m so terribly sorry for your loss — your grandmother was truly a good woman. I’ve sent some flowers to the funeral home and I’ve asked Andy to help cover some of the expenses. He normally wouldn’t, but he’ll surely listen to his little sister.”

Rebecca miller


A thin, pale older woman with long dark hair. She’s missing her left leg, and is often found wearing a prosthetic or using crutches or a wheelchair. She’s got an almost high-class regal air to her, and always dresses as if she’s stepped straight out of the 50’s.

Known Information

  • Was born missing her leg.
  • Was widowed when her husband, Geoff Miller, fell from the balcony of Grove Park Inn
  • Had her second child, a son, eight months after her husband died


  • Was second-cousins with her husband
  • The son isn’t Geoff’s — and she didn’t want him to know she was pregnant with another man’s child, so she had him killed


  • Q: Is it wrong that I want to murder a woman with only one leg? Is that why she only has one leg?

Rebecca Miller

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