Melody Jackson

Melody Jackson – The Obsessive

“I can NOT believe you actually like the original better than Brotherhood! Brotherhood is just so in depth, you know? I mean, when Maes dies in Brotherhood it’s just so much more heart-wrenching. I’ve actually analyzed the scenes shot by shot and Brotherhood just utilizes angles that the original OVA doesn’t, and it just adds so much. I love the Japanese culture so much! Wait, what was that you just said about Helen’s Bridge? No, it is true that it’s haunted! I’ve totally done the research and…”

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Short, overweight, and cursed with frizzy hair, Melody doesn’t have too much going for her appearance wise. If she’s not wearing jeans she’s wearing sweat pants, and all of her shirts either say something funny or have a picture of something she adores on it.

Known Information

  • Sophomore at UNC – Asheville
  • Knows every tidbit or fact about anything she’s interested in, ever
  • That annoying kid who sits in the front row and tries to answer every question
  • Sleepwalker


  • “Uh, y’know that annoying girl in our Japanese class? Yeah, the one who sits up front, sets the curve way too fucking high, and babbles constantly about the anime shit she likes? I fucking swear to god, man, Frankie says he saw her snorting something behind one of the buildings once. Bet that’s how she’s always spazzing the fuck out, y’know?”
  • “Dude, that Melody bitch is living with goddamn Chance Spires. Is she like, trying to encroach on my territory? It is like, my duty to like, fuck that guy a lot, and here that little fatass is talking to him all the time. What the fuck. I’m going to make sure her shit is ruined.”


  • Q: A sweet (if annoying) girl who’s in way over her head. It’s a shame what happened to her family. But if the whole thing was removed from time, did it really even happen? I remember it, so it must have.
  • Mjolnir: You’re kind of annoying. I mean, you’re smart and helpful, but you seriously cut into my amount of tail, and that’s annoying.

Melody Jackson

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