Jeremy Power

Jeremy Power – The Veteran

“When the wind wraps me like the Reaper’s hand / I will swing, free until they cut me down.” – Iron & Wine


Though he’s physically fit, with a lithe, toned figure, at 27 Jeremy is pretty damn old for a freshman at UNC Asheville. He sports boyish good looks—short hair, freckled face, baby blue eyes, straight teeth—that are smooth and sharp and effortless enough to have perhaps, in another universe, landed him a presence on the silver screen. But unfortunately, his good looks don’t seem to be backed up by any kind of movie-star charm.

Known Information

  • Is a former Marine, a veteran of the Iraq war.
  • Keeps to himself, and does not appear to socialize. No known friends.
  • Seems to take college very seriously, and does well. Not remotely as dumb as he looks.


  • “You know that older guy in our English class? Yeah, the ROTC guy or whatever? He IS a student, right? Not our TA or something? Because Katie swore up and down the guy was actually a professor. I dunno! I said, no, that guy’s in my English Comp class, no way is he a prof or whatever, you’re thinking of somebody else—but she was sure it was him. Yeah, I guess she’s kinda retarded.”
  • “Man, I think the guy just wants to be a knight in shining armor or something. So I was in the library the other day, right, and this woman comes in, her little girl bleeding, and this dude’s up and over there and he’s like…pwning the librarian and shit, right?”


  • Obfirmo- He knows what he’s talking about, or at least seems to. However, he seems prone to action and not planning. Typical solider mindset serves him well, I just hope whoever’s holding his leash doesn’t let go.
  • Mjolnir: Yeah, Mel, I’m pretty sure he’s not a stoner now. Even if he is, he’s got it under control. He’s kind of cool sometimes, but it’s like that really drunk chick because you’re not sure if you actually want to talk to him in case he’s going to be really annoying about stuff or not.

Jeremy Power

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