Francis Miller

Francis Miller – The Grandfather

“I’ve seen many things in my life. Had children die. Watched my grand children die. Watched my cousins and nephews and nieces die, and their children, seen my wife die. Seen far too many people to die. Hell, I saw this town die once, and stagnate, and then pull itself back up. Now I sit here on my front porch, and I watch it carry on, and I watch more people die, and I know one day I’m going to die, and then someone else is going to have to do all the damned watching.”

Francis miller


An old man, nearing one hundred, whose back is so hunched it’s painful to watch him walk. His nose is broken, and like many in his family, his skin is pale — though his hair, once black, is now a long and shaggy gray.

Known Information

  • Will be one hundred in about two months
  • Former owner of Miller Construction Company
  • Had five kids, only two of which lived to adult hood, and twenty grandchildren, of which only three lived to adult hood (all from his son)
  • Often found sitting on his rocking chair drinking sun tea


  • “Old Frank may let Andy claim he’s head of the family, but there’s no doubt about it: the old man still has the rest of the family under his thumb.”
  • “My grandpa before he died like to talk about knowing Old Frank way back when, back before World War 2. He says there was something even more off about him then when he was a young boy. Said he was more intense, and he moved in this twisted and stilted way, like he didn’t have full control of his body. And he said, one time Old Frank was found in an alley by the school marm, tearing a stray dog to bits with his fingers. Said Frankie musta calmed down in his old age — or was really good at hiding things. Of course, this is the same grandfather who also once told me he caught a gar ten foot long when my grandma said it was at most a foot, so…he was just trying to creep me out.”


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Francis Miller

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