Damion Toll

Damion Toll – The Hacker

“Sometimes you have to almost fall into the utter dark to get back to the light.”


Damion is a tall, relatively fit man of 28. His auburn hair is cut semi-closely to his head and his hazel eyes gaze out over high cheekbones. While his appearance might echo that of the aristocratic families of old, no one takes notice of Damion. His unassuming presence barely fills his office at UNC, let alone a room. However he exercises regularly to stay in shape and remains clean shaven so as to appear professional. Fortunately, the hacking game doesn’t often leave scars, so no one would know any better of his dark, larceny rich past.

Known Information

  • Great with computers.
  • Doesn’t socialize much.
  • Completed his undergrad at Purdue.


  • “That dude is straight up loaded, but he barely spends any of it.”
  • “I heard he hacked into the Pentagon one night just for fun. He must be in Anonymous!”
  • “I totally watched him break into the school’s computer bank one night. Like, for real.”
  • “So he got into the Kingdom of Heresy beta, right. Well, you know how where they were doing that shit got burned down and he got that wicked scar? Well, I heard rumors he was hacking their site and shit instead of playing it, and Shard got so pissed they burned the place down around him, their employees and all. Dude needs to watch himself.”


  • Game Comment: I have thoroughly enjoyed the game thus far, my personal scenes were all very well done and well planned. Even if you were making things up on the fly, it felt like there was hard thought put into it. My only concern is how…chaotic things felt during the first group scene. With so many conversation all taking place at the same time, I felt like we didn’t accomplish much. Perhaps it is my inexperience with online RPing that lead to this feeling or perhaps further scenes will provide a more structured storyline. Regardless, it felt like everyone was everywhere all at once, but we were never on the same page.
  • Q: I don’t get this guy. His heart seems to be in the right place, I guess, but I don’t know where his head is. And somebody needs to clue him in to the fact that we’re all misfits around here. You can come out of hiding.
  • Mjolnir: He summoned a demon. How the heck do you think summoning a demon is a good idea? I mean, I did the worm thing, but I made mine better. NO, MELODY, HE WILL NOT BE SUMMONING ANOTHER DEMON SO YOU CAN WATCH!

Damion Toll

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