Chance Spires

Chance Spires – The Jock

“You know, one time I really thought I was gonna lose. I worked real hard, got real good, and still lost. Losin’ doesn’t mean ya stop playin’. It means ya kick ass and fight like Hell ’til you win.”


A well-muscled physique adorns Chance’s frame. His teeth are professionally white, his clothes all Hollister or A.E., and a hat always atop his head.

Nimbus: Light spreads over him as he takes an air of superiority, looking more godly in the moment. With powerful magic, gestures and words make thunderclaps echo in the distance.

Known Information

  • Shadowname: Mjolnir
  • Path: Obrimos
  • Order: Adamantine Arrow
  • Tar Heels far hitter
  • Family dead in an automobile accident
  • Frat brother at Alpha Sigma Phi
  • Kind of dumb


  • Totally date-raped that Gamma Phi Beta chick
  • Definitely a junkie, for sure
  • “For a while there he was like, living with two chicks. Like, I guess they’d lived with him for years cause their parents died in a car crash — like his parents, I know!!! – and then like, well, I hear he’s banging the fat one. Because she’s nearly his age y’know, and he’s totally a horn-dog.”


  • Q: That guy? He’s an onion. More layers than you think. Some of them might even make you cry, if you look hard enough. I try not to.
  • Obfirmo: A missile to be directed and a blunt object to be swung. If you swing hard enough he may very well be able to break down any barrier in your way, or at least his. He’s a nice guy and eager to help, but someone to be controlled, not trusted with anything more than menial tasks.

Chance Spires

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