Battery Park Hotel

Battery Park Hotel

“Yeah, I live in the old Battery Park Hotel. No, don’t give me none of that shit, I’ve never once seen a ghost there. Oh, sure, they keep the 13th floor cleared out ‘cause of that murder that happened back in the 60s and some superstition ’bout unlucky thirteen, say they’re respecting the place, but y’ask me, they could be making an extra thou a month if they just fuckin’ let someone live there. Some people love that spooky shit.”

Battery park hotel


A fourteen story brick building, built in the old South Victorian style of most of the surrounding architecture. It hits thirteen stories and, per local Asheville law, is only that short because the tallest church in the city stands only a few feet above that height at its tallest steeple.

Known Information

  • Now an apartment complex for the elderly, with nurses and staff on call at all times.
  • Back when it was a hotel, in 1962, Natasha Kingston was shoved from the balcony of the 13th floor. Initially assumed a suicide, the coroner discovered her throat had been slashed and her chest had been cut open. A year later, a mechanic and janitor in the building confessed to the murder.


  • Supposedly Natasha Kingston’s ghost can be spotted nightly on the 13th floor, screaming and fleeing down the hallway.
  • Several suicidals leapt from the roof to their deaths during the Great Depression; that’s why it’s gated off now.

Battery Park Hotel

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