Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller – The Banker

“Occupy Asheville? Ah, yes, the classless. They have been raised on video games and spoiled by the adults in their lives, and now that they’re in the real world, they find themselves unwilling to put in the proper work to earn money; when the real world informs them that this isn’t how one earns a buck, they get insulted and throw their tantrums as if they were five again and once more in the candy aisle at their nearest Food Lion. Call the police, they’ll be removed from the premises at once.”

Andrew miller


A tall, thin man, with long spindly arms (and equally long, thin fingers), greased black hair, thick eyebrows, and a thin mustache. He’s extremely pale and often grim faced.

Known Information

  • Bank manager at Wachovia
  • Once had a stroke, but has since made an (apparently) full recovery
  • Head of the Miller family
  • Snooty asshole


  • “You didn’t hear this from me, but you know how Geoff Miller was found dead after having leaped from the top floor of Battery Park Hotel? Well, I knew Geoff, and word on the street is he didn’t like some of his cousin Andrew’s business practices. Well, Geoff’s death was labeled suicide, y’know, but from what I hear, Geoff and Andrew had an argument and Andrew shoved Geoff from the balcony. He just paid off everyone to turn the other way…”
  • “My mom’s been a nurse at the hospital for a long time, and she’s had to take care of a lot of the Millers. They’re all creepy, y’know, each of ‘em has something wrong, and according to my mom, Andrew—well, he’s a lucky one. His shit isn’t as serious or as noticeable as a lot of ‘em, but she says the doctors have mumbled before about his blood. She reckons he’s either got cancer or somethin’ like sickle cell, y’know?”


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Andrew Miller

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