Amir Jones

Amir Jones — The Coach

“All right, guys, I know the other team in six and two for the season, but we’re five and three, and I know we can take ‘em. Yes, Thompson, I realize that our second basemen is out for the season. Look, just get out there and do your best, okay. We’ve all said our prayers.”

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Broad-shouldered and barrel-chested, Amir is a personable man with a smile as broad as his shoulders. He’s a very clean-cut figure, and keeps everything about his image tended.

Known Information

  • Shadow Name: Rerende
  • Path: Obrimos
  • Order: GoV
  • Known to (Some) Mages: Took on the face of Amir Jones when the true Amir moved West to evade his bad situation after getting involved with some students, in order to infiltrate Asheville to sort some things out.
  • Coaches baseball for the UNC – Asheville Tar Heels
  • Formerly worked as a PE teacher at Erwin High School


  • “Coach Jones? Oh yeah, man. Kelly told me he had a huge dick. What? Duh, Kelly slept with him. She said he was awesome.”
  • “Y’know how Jones worked over at Erwin? Well, I heard that he was fired ’cause he was found with a female student in his office. Uh, you know, in flagrant delecto, as they say.”


  • Q: When my library computer started going haywire on me, I figured Stephen Hawking would have been behind it. I never would have pegged this guy. Which means I can’t trust him. At all.
  • Mjolnir: He’s my coach. I can trust whatever he says. I mean, we’re on the same team, right?

Amir Jones

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