Domination of Black

Plague of Locusts (Jeremy) Pt 3

Brief cracks of light between long darknesses.

Jeremy Power, walking around a deserted campus, ran in to a frantic Melody Jackson who was trying to get in to the library. She explained she was trying to find a book to help Chance Spires out because he was infected with Mongolian Death Worms. Jeremy cast a fate spell to help him find the book she was searching for — “Xanxen’s Absolution” — and the spell led them to a little occult shop in Canton. Upon finding the book, which Jeremy noticed was glowing, the duo headed back — Melody going to go read the book (and thus get Chance Spire’s moving on), and Jeremy venturing downtown.

Downtown, he ran into Cassie Wilkeshire and Charlotte Miller. Charlotte was reading to Cassie, who immediately got distracted when she saw Jeremy. Jeremy was disturbed to notice that Cassie had no aura. He spoke to the two girls for a short while, before Charlotte had to leave because — according to Cassie “Mean Mr. Andrew called.” As they were leaving, Charlotte handed Jeremy a note that read:

###-###-#### . This is my cellphone. I can’t give you the actual phone number in case my mother answers.
Cassie’s in danger of being used to make the holes to the darkness wider. I can’t help her. I don’t know how to help her, but I know I can’t. I do know one way to stop some of the growth. It isn’t pleasant. It involves you, the hammer, the bard, and some others. I don’t know what that means.
Take care. Stay under the radar.

Jeremy, baffled by the note, then found Victor standing near him. Victor pulled him into an alley and revealed himself to be a mage—he told Jeremy the basics of being an Awakened. Jeremy didn’t care; he just wanted to figure out more about Cassie. Victor told him to “talk to a damned Mystagogue” and told him where to find them — 13th floor of the Battery Park Hotel.

Jeremy used a fate spell to lead him that direction, where he ran into Pandora. She was carrying an object under her arm she needed to get rid of. The two talked as they hurried along, and she helped Jeremy figure out what was going on with Cassie, and gave him some ideas as to how to fix her, but also noted that her research wasn’t focused on Abyssal Children/Bad Luck Batteries and he might be better served doing his own research.



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