Domination of Black

Nobody Likes Me, Everyody Hates Me (Chance) Pt 3

Just like what happens to us.

Chance Spires was hanging out with Melody Jackson while she read a book trying to find a cure for his worms. Melody finally found the cure, which called for a few different things — some incense, some rust, and something to help ease whoever the spell was cast upon’s mind.

Chance and Melody drove out to Canton to an old occult shop. Chance marched up to the old lady running the shop and asked her about Mongolian Death Worms. The old lady slowly creeped out from behind the desk and moved down one of the crowded aisles. She picked up an old rosewood stick, with a preserved snake over it holding a black onyx in its jaws. She pressed it in to Chance’s hands and said “To ease one’s mind.”

Melody then went around collecting the rest of the needed items. She got some rust and they picked some “fugitive” brand incense that reminded Chance of his baseball mitt. Once they had purchased their items, they got home. Melody used the rust to draw a large pentacle on the floor and put odd symbols on the floor and then had Chance lie down in it. She told him to go to sleep and began waving the strange wand over him while saying some words she obviously didn’t know the meaning of—and Chance, meanwhile, found himself suddenly sucked into a dream.

He found his mother and brother, alive, downstairs. He tried to get them to talk to him and they were confused by many of his statements. He recalld what Melody had told him to do (go somewhere important and find your daemon), and he gave them a hug and a kiss and then slipped out to go to his old baseball fie.d There he found his coach, Amir Jones who said he was his daimon. Amir bade him to pitch— and Chance did, and found a hole ripped to allow him to go deeper into his mind.

However, when he slipped in deeper, he instead found himself in a place called the Aether. With some angel companions, Chance went to sign his name and gain some magic power, though to get to that point he first had to fight off several huge throbbing bloody worms that were covering the area. He harnessed the power of the golden rain and of the rumbling lightning overhead and of the air around him to destroy the worms while the angels destroyed them with their blades.

When Chance woke up, infused with magic, he found his Coach asleep on the couch. He had Awakened life explained to him (while Melody, apparently a Sleepwalker, stood baffled).



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