Domination of Black

My Favorite Sin (Zoe) Pt 3

Beauty's sister and daughter.

Zoe Sawyer was under suspicion for the murder of her two friends, and feeling claustrophobic and paranoid in her own empty apartment. She knew she had to get out. Her head was constantly pounding with the sounds of drums. She got out of her apartment to head hurriedly to the Olive or Twist, hoping to run into “Frog Boy” there—or at least escape the solitude of her apartment.

There, Zoe ran into “T-Man”, whose name she couldn’t actually remember, the barkeep. He asked her if she was all right and fixed her up a heavy drink on the house. She found there was a seat waiting for her, right by the front, and when she sat down, Prince Amon walked in, and he actually said he was dedicating his night—to her! Zoe was completely enthralled, leaning in and listening to him. His songs got her high—and each time he was quiet it felt like the worst withdrawal.

He finished his set, and Zoe felt distressed. Prince Amon walked down the stairs and started to slip through the crowd, before pausing and holding his arm out for Zoe. She was elated as she went to him. The drums in her head were pounding louder and louder. They got into the car. Amon lifted Zoe’s hand, giving it a kiss, and started lightly tracing on Zoe’s wrist. She knew it should feel good—but the drums kept pounding in her head, and because of that—because of them, it felt painful. She saw blood dribble down her wrist as his finger apparently tore into her skin—and then the world around her changed.

She found herself on top of a large elephant like beast—Amon was becoming a monster, a giant cat-thing roaring and intent on eating her. The city streets fell away to dirt paths, clustering trees, vines and tripping roots. She tried to fight Amon, but his giant claws scratched her face, and she fell off the elephant, landing hard, but within a moment she was up and fleeing. She heard the soft thump and the growls as Amon followed her.

The drums were pounding in her head, and all around her, causing the trees to throb violently. Her feet pounded to the beat of the drums, as did her heart, and she could hear the roaring monster behind her as she burst from the thick copse of trees, coming to the edge of a cliff. Unafraid, Zoe ran forward, drew in a deep breath, and leapt, free falling—and as the ground came to meet her, she prepared her body, and landed, hard but unscathed. She tore off running to a tower she saw in the distance through the trees.

Once there, she flung the stone doors open and quickly climbed to the top, the monster forever on her heels—feeling the wet sticky hot breath on the back of her neck. She scrawled her name in the stone book there, and a moment later opened up in an alley, her wrist and face bleeding, and the bartender standing over her. He introduced himself as Carbene and pulled her to her feet, congratulating her on escaping a demon.



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