Domination of Black

My Favorite Sin (Zoe) Pt 2

Beauty's sister and daughter.

Zoe Sawyer and Caroline are meeting to go out and see Prince Amon. The two have become closer ever since Rachel’s death, attending her funeral together and figuring out the guitarist’s schedule. Tonight the two girls are planning on going out together. However, Caroline doesn’t show up, so Zoe calls her—first time, the phone rings and rings and rings. Second time, however—she gets an answer. Silence, at first, followed by a gurgle and a choke of “Help…me…” before the phone goes dead.

Zoe hurried out the door and took off running to Caroline’s dorm, calling 911 in the interim. She dashed up the stairs once she got there, and flung herself against the door, only to find it locked. She listened at the door, but heard nothing beyond it. She backed up and then flung herself forward against it, hitting it hard. Finally the door broke inward.

Zoe was immediately hit with the scent of shit and vomit, and blood. She saw a form on the floor, and she approached it. “Caroline?” She asked. Slowly, the fetal-positioned body opened up like a flower and then stood up. It was Caroline; her body covered with oddly carved sigils, leaking blood. She stood stiff, one shoulder higher than the other and with her legs turned inward. “Caroline?” Zoe asked.

Caroline began to move toward Zoe slowly. “Come…to me…Zoe Sawyer.” Zoe saw that Caroline was dead and began to back away and cry. “Come to me…” Caroline repeated. Zoe—starting to cry harder, turned and walked away from what she saw, moving downstairs to meet the police. Zoe doubled over, feeling sick and struggling to contain everything inside.



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