Domination of Black

Exegesis and Summoning (Damion) Pt 3

Most of us are pawns.

Damion Toll finally had to start looking for the last item on his quest list. Disturbed by the news of Franklin having died (of as lit throat, exasctly as he had died in game) he shook it off, deciding that a coincidence didn’t necessarily mean causality. He showed up to settle in and get back to playing the game and collecting the Grimoire of Exegesis and Summoning.

He began his searches in dungeons, but came up short. He turned to the NPCs in town and first asked a help NPC, who simply informed him “it’s an item needed for the VIP questline!” which frustrated him to no end. Finally, he approached one of the many temples in town to speak to one of the priestesses there. She informed him that it was a very evil item and that no temple in the town would have knowledge of it — that the purview of a malicious item such as that would be entirely under the God Elthyra’s domain, focused primarily on terrible debauchery and murder as he was.

Damion immediately delved into attempting to find the temple. The result was mostly fruitless, until finally in the depths of a forest he happened to glance at some ruins and found some weird and disturbing writing on the side. Though he knew he shouldn’t be able to read it, he was still able to, and it read “THE TEMPLE OF ELTHYRA: ONLY THE DEBAUCHED MAY FIND IT.”

Damion fast traveled back to the city to speak to the priestess, where he asked her what that meant. She noted that only those who had murdered and committed one of the debauched acts in honor of Elthyra would win. Damion asked what those were—and she named them: Necrophilia, Rape, and Pedophilia. Damion had his character kill some thieves outside of town, and perform the first of those three. He watched the disturbing CGI that came with it.



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