Domination of Black

Exegesis and Summoning (Damion) Pt 2

Most of us are pawns.

Damion Toll’s day dragged on. All day he sat around and stared at the clock, waiting until the clock ticked to the time when he could go and play Kingdom of Heresy. Finally, he scrambled out of his office, dashed passed the secretary without—for once—saying farewell, and drove hurriedly over to where the beta testing was taking place.

Once there, he had to fill out a comment card about what had occurred the day before. He did that, swiftly. And then he launched in to the game. As he started to play, he got to his quest where he had to get the flesh of an ally. He quickly fast traveled to town to hire a mercenary. He led the mercenary out to a dark and secluded area and killed him. No flesh of an ally was available on his person, and the dagger he had on hand showed no commands.

Frustrated, Damion had his character go back to town and talk to one of the Help NPCs. The Help NPC noted that, in game, “allies” were other players who aided you on quests. Jordy then looked at his fellow beta testers, and focused on Franklin, a kid he had seen in a few classes. He told Franklin to join him on a quest. Franklin didn’t want to; he was in the middle of his quest. Damion then lied, informing him that if he joined him on his quest, Franklin would be able to become an elite member as well. Franklin hesitated and then agreed and traveled back to town.

Damion led Franklin around. When Franklin was about to buff himself up in preparation, Damion lied and convinced him that the cave they were going to would destroy all magical effects so it would be worthless to cast them. Damion tried to sneak around behind Franklin’s character but was caught, as Franklin kept asking “What are you doing?” And finally—Damion seized his chance when Franklin was distracted by an approaching enemy cave bear. Damion killed Franklin, slitting his throat, and then skinned the flesh.

As soon as he was done, however, there was an emergency call from Shard corporate, and Brad the employee had to shut the game down for the night. Damion, frustrated, shut down his computer while Franklin freaked out, realizing he had to make a whole new character, as apparently all deaths were permanent in KoH (at least, the beta.) Damion went home to his bed and woke up the next morning to information that a Franklin Hamilton had been found in his dorm room with his throat slit — exactly like Damion had killed his character in the game earlier that day.



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