Domination of Black

Exegesis and Summoning (Damion) Part 5

Most of us are pawns.

Damion Toll woke up in a squat stone building, laying on a hard stone table. There was a door, in front of which was a person wearing a long black robe. Damion felt at ease, even as he realized that he was missing a large chunk of his shoulder and throat and that there was no way he could be alive.

He slowly pushed to his feet and moved to the person in the robe, who flung it around his shoulders. The person revealed himself to be Frankling Hamilton, the guy Damion had killed. Frankling opened the door to reveal a place of marble and graves and gold and silver. Franklin pointed at a tower int he distance. Damion began to move that way, and paused, and then bent to beg Franklin’s forgiveness—“I thought it was just a game. I’m so sorry—it’s all my fault.”

Damion then made his way to the tower—a bone tower. He opened the door, and inside found a huge pile of gold, which he found himself oddly disinterested in. It’s odd how Death can make you think—and he began to climb it, up to a ledge at the top, where he found a book with thousands of names scrawled into it. He focused his will and managed to write his name—and he felt a sense of rejuvenation flow into him as in the back of his head he heard someone cussing in the back of his head.

He awoke to find Victor standing over him, cussing. And when Victor saw Damion opening his eyes, Victor starting cussing more. Victor then starts yelling at Damion, informing Damion he’s summoned an abyssal into the world, and then he pulls a dagger out and points it straight at Damion: “Are you a fucking scelesti?”

Victor—obviously pissed and being adversely affected by the fact that he’s, you know, been living in a place where there’s a hole in the abyss for a long while—isn’t too apt to listen, but he finally manages to calm the hell down. They talk, and Victor explains a few things, and then gets Damion in contact with some mages who will tell him more — and tells him to fucking figure out about this “goddamned abyssal summoning game.”



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