Domination of Black

Exegesis and Summoning (Damion) Part 4

Most of us are pawns.

Having completed both his murder and his debauched act, Damion Toll had his avatar in game head off to locate the Temple of Ethyra. He finds it near the end of his beta testing session: a cave, with dried blood noting it as the temple, marked only by a pillar with a strange sigil on it. Damion wandered inside and was pointed the way to the book. Welcomed as a Brother, he saw plenty of sick sights — men and women getting raped by strange monstrous beasts, people having their skin peeled off, walked passed people begging for his help. When he finally found the grimoire, he found a book that seemed to be breathing, made up of human flesh.

As soon as Damion added the Grimoire to his inventory, Brad the Shard Employee informs both Damion and the professor in beta test that game time is up. Frustrated and annoyed, Damion heads home. Once there, he comes up with a plan: He’s going to hack Shard’s servers and download Kingdom of Heresy on to his home computer to play it all the time. At first, hacking it was going as planned, but then his computer announced that he had a trojan, and then more and more viruses, and then his monitor flashed, and then a buzzing came from his speakers and he heard chanting and smelled blood and he tried hurriedly to stop everything. But suddenly he found himself on the ground, dizzy, and sick to his stomach, with blood all around his head and his precious computer case smoking.

After taking care of his bleeding, Damion went to the game again. Once in, he found the ritual in the book: Use the blood to make a pentacle, place the diamond and the flesh in the middle, and then violate a virgin and kill him/her while reciting some words from the book of Exegesis and Summoning. He traveled quickly to the temple of the priestesses he had previously asked questions, and attempted to lure one out to use her for the ritual. She saw through his ruse and cast him out from the temple, informing him now that he was going to summon a demon out to the real world.

Damion has his avatar leave the temple quickly. He heads to a brothel house to purchase a virginal spinster—who, crying, is lead out to him. He leads her upstairs and performs the ritual. Damion suddenly snaps out of the game as he notices both Brad and the professor stumbling back from his terminal, and for a moment he doesn’t know why—until he sees the demon floating above it, staring down at him, and it shoves out a hand and grabs him around the throat and starts lifting him up.

The demon thanked Damion for summoning him, allowing the demon to aid his brothers by influencing other mortals playing the game to summon more—and then leaned forward to devour him.



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