Domination of Black

Domination of Black pt 2

"Make yourself honey and the flies will devour you."

FA150, the Thursday that the groups had to do their presentations. Jeremy Power, Zoe Sawyer, and Chance Spires were in the process of rating the other students going before them. They were all lulled into a bit of boredom, considering the topics at hand (being, mostly, doorways). Suddenly, in the middle of a presentation, they noticed some text appear that no one else could: “Those born during tribulation have the lies wiped from their eyes only to have the broken world thrust in to their palms. Holding it, the Borne stand before glue and chisel. Which, then, will they pick?”

The group was weirded out by it as a whole, but after the house incident, there was some minimal camaraderie between them—with Jeremy writing it down, the other two nodding that they’d seen it, etcetera. The thrilling conclusion to one of the presentations being nigh, there was a knock at the door. Korowitz, their professor, looked insulted as Melody Jackson opened the door. She told Chance she needed him ASAP and then squinted at Zoe and said she should come too.

Jeremy meanwhile started Awakening: Where both Zoe and Chance saw Melody, Jeremy instead saw a little
girl, Aisling, with glowing green eyes, long white hair, wearing furs. She begged Jeremy for his help.

The group left, following Melody out where she explained weird things were happening in her house. Hallways seemed too long and distorted and rooms seemed to vanish and “I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY BUT yesterday I had a sister and this morning she never came down for breakfast and my parents said I’D NEVER HAD A SISTER!” They all charged across the parking lot to Chance’s truck, hopped in, and drove across town. Jeremy hopped in the back seat, talking crazily and shouting things like “HOOOOO TARRAGON!”

Jeremy found himself in a world full of green—beautiful vines climbing all over, a field of flowers, fairies lighting the path. Aisling led the way. Aisling explained raiders were attacking the Hollow and she needed Jeremy’s help to clear them out. She led him outside to the fastest way to get to the hollow—a large ruby red dragon named Tarragon. She and Jeremy climbed aboard to fly to the Hollow.

As the group was driving along, they found a few really creepy things happening. Animals were just freezing and staring at them. As they got closer to Melody’s house, they were diving down and attacking them. Chance managed to keep on the road during this, driving slowly as the birds smashed and broke his windows.

Jeremy, Aisling, and Tarragon were attacked by some people riding birds. Jeremy valiantly fought them off, sending them crashing to the ground; Tarragon also flamed several.

When they finally reached the house, the group had to leap out and dash inside, as there were birds and squirrels there attacking them. Jeremy blocked Melody’s way briefly so she couldn’t get the key in the lock, but she finally did, and the group entered a dark mostly empty home.

Jeremy valiantly battled the raiders until he demanded they leave or be cursed. Then he spoke to the Sages, who called him Camilla’s grandson, and bade him to go up to sign his name and accept his fate. He signed his name and Awakened Acanthus.

When the group finally made it upstairs, they found a neverending hallway there. It took them a long time to get down it (and at some point, Jeremy stopped Awakening). They made it to Melody’s mom, who was creepy and off and told them they had five minutes to get out of the house before they too were pulled in. The house around them started melting in to blackness.

The group managed to get Melody’s notes (to help Chance), and found Melody’s little sister, Harmony, and dragged them out. At a moment when the group wasn’t looking to when they were, the house had disappeared entirely—and the whole neighborhood seemed a bit smaller, as if the house hadn’t ever been there.

Chance offered Melody and Harmony homing at his place. When he spoke to his neighbors later, he found that they all spoke about Melody and Harmony as if they’d lived there for years upon years—all the way back when their parents died while they were young.



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